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Sheepskin Gloves

Genuine Sheepskin Gloves in an array of colors and applique.

Our basic ladies sheepskin glove is our most popular item. This glove is 100% sheepskin with a cuff you can wear all the way back, as a long glove. It can be worn in any kind of weather, driving cold rain included. The shearling fur won't absorb water, so they are warm even when wet. These can be washed.

Our Rex Rabbit and Heirloom Fox cuffed gloves are the same glove with a rich and fashionable cuff. The fox cuffs are "re-purposed" from an old coat of jacket. Very unique and very warm.

Our Men's "Western Cut Gloves" are cut from rugged Western Australian Sheepskin. They are warm, durable, and make a strong winter statement to any man's winter wardrobe.