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Ladies Sheepskin Mitten with a Rex Rabbit Cuff in Black/Frost.


Like our popular Ladies Sheepskin Gloves with a Rex Cuff, this mitten also has a Rex Rabbit cuff. Rex Rabbit is a breed of rabbit originating in Europe as a by-product of the food industry. This material is used as a recyclable from this industry in the same way leather is used. The mitten offers nature's best insulation against the harshest weather winter can throw at you, and your hands. The cuff is unique and fashionable. 


Order by your size by measuring around your hand with a tape measure:

• Sm - Size 6" - 7"

• Med - Size 7" to 8"

• Large- Size 8" to 9"

Ladies Sheepskin Mitten with a Rex Rabbit Cuff in Black/Frost

  • Sheepskin is naturally water-repellent and washable with mild soap and water.

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